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073. Patti Walters Wells. "The two CCM Santa Monica shows are the highlights of my year. The energy is always high, and the shoppers are so appreciative of the artists' creations. I'm looking forward to the Pasadena show in November. Do follow us there for more fun, and be sure to come to the last Santa Monica Civic Auditorium June show. (Hint: Click through to the show website for free passes.)

037. David Levy, Hardwood Creations: "Using laminations of hardwoods of contrasting colors and grains to produce artistic patterns in a variety of products including kitchenware, desk accessories, game boards, game tables and furniture. Flat grain, edge-grain, or end-grain surfaces are available in many designs. All work is made to withstand the different elements from around the world. Exotic & domestic woods are used to create the works of art."

114. Judy Stone: "I will miss coming to the Santa Monica Civic to do this wonderful event. My work has grown and matured with the help of the Contemporary Crafts Market and the wonderful collectors in southern California I have gotten to know through the years. One thing is for certain, my work will remain an enigma until we are all long gone. The enameled copper vessel forms are contemporary artifacts, to be seen through the lens of historical discovery."

018. Douglas Gold: "My wife Bobbie & I have had a wonderful life creating Baby-Safe, Earth-Friendly wooden toys since 1986. We choose materials made or grown in the USA and in looking back I'm proud to say we've always been "Green". Our toys are educational and fun. They are filled with animals, colored and ABC blocks, barrels, logs and people, all in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. It is rewarding to watch a child use our creations to expand their imaginations…

016. Michael and Sumati Colpitts: "Creating in clay is our passion. Our Asian figures are Michael's creations that arise from his love of the far east and his years of meditation. He wanted to convey the sense of inner peace and silence when you look at the figures along side the exterior beauty. These Japanese Ladies are one of a kind hand-sculpted art, mounted on rotating walnut bases.

001. Ena Dubnoff is an architect that has turned her artistic eye to the creation of elegant wood pieces crafted on a wood lathe. Using the same aesthetic and problem solving skills used in her architectural projects, she has worked her various wooden objects into pleasing works of art often incorporating architectural materials such as concrete and engineered wood.

027. Ling-Yen Jones: "In my crane clasps I want the wearer to have the feelings of grace and elegance of the crane, the symbol of self-knowledge and wisdom. I define jewelry as creations which are useful, artistic, symbolic, identifying and an expression of personal ideas. The materials that I enjoy using most are sterling silver, copper, gold, pearls and semiprecious stones. My intention for each one-of-a-kind piece is that it is distinctive, and artistically rendered."…

058. This is Pagewood Farms' first time at the Contemporary Crafts Market. It is our pleasure to bring you handcrafted, hand dyed and handspun yarns and knitted goods exclusively made with the finest fiber in the U.S. and worldwide. Each yarn is meticulously handcrafted and will be a one of a kind creation. You will love knitting with Pagewood Farm yarns .

066. Esther Kodama: "Inherited kimonos was the source. Being Japanese-American meant I would never wear as is. So was the birth of Now and Zen (the old and new)-restyled kimono ware. My hope is that these wearable art pieces will become heirlooms that can be enjoyed by generations to come. I am so grateful my kimono wear creations has led to a designing job where I can create Asian inspired woman's wear from 'chirimen' rayon-acetate fabric from Japan."