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Wolves by dfbphotos, via Flickr. (Speedwell, Pennsylvania)

Arctic wolves (Canis lupus arctos) by Bronwyn - Please consider enjoying some flavorful Peruvian Chocolate. Organic and fair trade certified, it's made where the cacao is grown providing fair paying wages to women. Varieties include: Quinoa, Amaranth, Coconut, Nibs, Coffee, and flavorful dark chocolate. Available on Amazon!

.does anyone else think that wolves (even though they are very dangerous) are beautiful animals?

Rrrr!...Uhm, This Place Is Really Interesting...Samissomar's Pinterests Are So Peaceful !... samissomarspace.w...

Wolf in the shadows by RamblingPhotog | Flickr

Marissa is the smallest, built light and feminine. Blonde in color, she appears a mere pup compared to her fellow pack members. However, her short legs are powerful and she can jump higher than the others, making her a great scout.

Photo by Maxime Riendeau an amazin wolf on attack!! Such and amazing picture