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The good old days...when they actually laughed and played  pranks and called each other "Jerk" & "Bitch" :(

from the young days.always love them in the impala.


This is the truth. And one of my favorite moments of the series, hands down. That Samy and Dean in the field scenes literally kills me every single time. Stabs me in the heart with a knife MADE of feels.

not die

Hahahahahaha, I laughed way too hard at this! The boys die.

Misha talking about Jared's pranks where he lets air out of his tires before he goes home after late nights of shooting.

Fara Winchester on

Misha and Jared convention panel - Mean pranks, Jared. Why do that to poor sweet Misha?

I laughed way to hard. Can we also talk about how Jared just jumps all the steps with no real stretch or struggle

what every fangirl would do if they saw their favorite actor/actress or favorite book/tv show/movie character

oh my lord look at how Jensen reacts with the hand grabbing and Jared and oh my lord

I love Lucifer so much it's a problem. (This is literally something only an SPN fan can say and understand and anyone else who would hear this would think we're crazy.)

Sensitive Satan "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" <--- You know you are a SPN fan when you see a post of Satan, you get excited, and yell, "Satan!" And everyone in the house turns to look at you funny.

Lucifer rises because Dean wanted pie

Lucifer rises because Dean wanted pie<accurate representation of the entire series

When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show...

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show.like in 'Dog Dean Afternoon'

Our brothers....

Sam and Loki. the feels. I can't. *collapses into a heap on the floor, sobbing* <---- Its all about how Dean and Thor love their brothers you don't think about the love sam and loki feel :(

Of course I will. I don't care that I've only been in the fandom a few months, but I'll stick with them past the end.

Supernatural ~ Dean and Sam Winchester till infinity and forever. I love my boys and I will stick with them no matter what they do.