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Goddess Art Mórríghan Celtic Witch Art Nouveau 16x20 Poster Print

Mórríghan ~ The Irish Goddess of fertility, war, and death would often appear on battlefields in the form of a crow or raven and would consume the dead. Her name means "Great Queen". Painting by Emily Balivet

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Nyx Greek Goddess of the Night Original Acrylic Painting

"Nyx ~ Goddess of the Night" Painting by Emily Balivet. One of the first and most powerful beings in the universe, Nyx is the daughter of Chaos and sister and consort to Erubus (the God of Darkness). Homer calls her the subduer of gods and men, and relates that even Zeus stood in awe of her.

Celtic Druidess & her crane. Other Celtic Druidesses: Dio Cassius mentions a Druidess named Ganna; Camma, a priestess of the goddess Brigit, was clearly a Druidess. Female Druids, the Bandroai (Bandruidh), we are able to gather from the sources available to us is that the Bandroai were Seers and Prophets. Mebd the Queen of Connacht, consults a Druidess named Fidelma.

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Green Goddess Art Nouveau Emerald Psychedelic Art Gypsy Gaia 8x10 Print