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"American Recovery" *** Joshua Guess (2013)

History and Evolution of Mask - Halloween Special [Infographic]

Feta, black bean and pumpkin stuffed peppers

Feta, black bean and pumpkin stuffed peppers - these are a great healthy treat for Hallowe'en! The filling is really easy (and even no-cook, if you take a few short-cuts!) and is also yummy enough to serve at any other time, not just Hallowe'en!

great communication skills - questions

Here is a Freebie! Identify common everyday items, including some Halloween Vocab, from 3 clues! Work on making inferences, listening to a description, identifying from categories/attributes, and more! Use as worksheets, a game (I added game cards), or a smartboard class activity! Enjoy!

20 Recipes to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

20 Recipes to Use Leftover Halloween Candy - Put it to better use than just eating it right out of the bag! Fun, easy recipes using a wide variety of candy at

Spend #Halloween diving into Unclaimed. #YA #ParanormalRomance “You’re evil,” I say with more courage than I feel. “What?” he asks, his tone suddenly guarded. I’m right. He hadn’t expected that. I didn’t want to be, but there is no denying it now. How long has he been like this? What all has he made someone do? I shudder as I remember his party and what he tried to make me do. Is that the worst of it? Or has he used his abilities for things so unimaginable I don’t even want to think about…