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Actually it's Bruce=me, The rest of the Avengers=my family. "Whaddya mean I can't wear sweatpants to our friend's wedding?" ← Aw so I can't be in computer clothes when we're going to kick butt?


Tom Hiddleston is an AMAZING actor! Just the range of emotions on his face in this one scene is amazing and even when he has no lines he contributes so much to the scene from the way he acts and the emotions he portrays.

Just like Budapest all over again…

What happened in Budapest: Natasha remembers it as the place Clint rescued her from certain death after being captured by some rouge Russian assassins. Clint remembers it as the place he told Natasha he loved her. You're welcome:-)

Marvel women- satisfied with all except paltrow (facepalm) // I'll admit, while I admired her performance at first, Gweneth really became the weakest of the group now that I consider it more carefully. She lacks depth.

Clint looks like he's trying to hide. Nat will accept only perfection on the first try. Tony knows exactly what he's doing without instructions. Steve looks distressed. Hulk looks pissed at IKEA. And Thor is all "Mjolnir will fix it for us!"

Ant-Man Spoilers. Secret plot of Ant-Man 2 revealed! (People keep spelling the ants name wrong, it's Antony. If people are going to make comic strips with him in it, they need to spell his name right.)