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I LOVE this tattoo!! this means so much to me and its a symbol for me and my best friend abby!! I want this one so bad!! i think me and her should get matching ones of this!!!;)

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Getting Inked: Tattoo Basics

Beautifully Done! White Ink Tattoo Of An Infinity Cross Actually Thinking About Getting A Small White Tattoo Pretty Is An Understatement. | Tattoos Picture White Ink Tattoos - Click for More...

I think this is definitely the tattoo I am gonna get...for seth <3 on right wrist...then another infinity symbol on the left with Tommy's name...settling on this idea!!!! my loves. my life.

Cute foot tattoo : Infinity : love : tattoo

Two Hearts Intertwined Forever... I really like this. You could do this with your children and get the different pieces different colors for their birth months or it can be a great couple tattoo with the hearts being your birth stone colors and the infinity symbol your wedding month color