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hair dryer-a frustrating problem that hurt me hundreds of times.

What you allow is what will continue. Follow @Love_and_Light_Coaching on Instagram ----------------- You are a survivor! Join my exclusive Healing Group Membership on Facebook (A Journey of Healing) to learn how to make peace with your past and plans for your future. Every member is screened and vetted for privacy and safety.

Dean ALWAYS turns to the angels/Heaven for help, even though he hates them. And Sam...Sam ALWAYS turns to demons/hell spawns for assistance. He never learns and it hurts my heart.

Please. Everyone watch this. I dont just mean that in a "this is cool" way. This is in a "this will change you" way. Please, friends, family, strangers, watch this. Whatever you may be going through please watch this. Free air! Buddy Wakefield at TEDxUSU - YouTube

INTJ. All the goddamn time. Every single time I try to talk with my husband.

Bucky Barnes and his metal arm. It keeps breaking my heart to think about how awful it had to feel when his arm got blown off<<<It probably felt just as horrible as when he lost his real arm the first time. Except he was fully conscious and aware of the pain this time unlike when he fell from the train.

His face breaks me :'( and those words are so true! The Doctor is terrified he'll be used to make bad things happen, it's his worst fear