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HAHA it looks like something I would do!---OMG I cannot stop laughing!

Lessons in Womanhood: You are only helpless while your nail polish is wet. Even then, you could pull a trigger if you had to.

I should really finish this bottle of nailpolish before I buy a new one. Said no woman ever.

So pretty, and easy to make! Get some reinforcement stickers. Cut in half and put on your nail. Paint the rest of your nail in one color and get some glittery nail polish and outline reinforcement sticker.

This is my life with lipsticks, Essie nail polishes, and coral blush. Its a disgrace. :)

A woman is helpless only while her nail polish is drying, and if you are assembling a Christmas tree, wait a good 30 minutes for dry time. :) :) :)

I usually hate these "Keep Calm" things but I had a creepy smile on my face when I saw this :)

The Only Time A Woman Is Helpless Is When Her Nail Polish Is Drying, Other Than That Watch Out

Turquoise Nails with Flowers! Maybe purple instead of turquoise....