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How To Make 18 inch Tissue Pom Flowers step by step directions

Tissue Paper Pom Poms are some of most common DIY party decoration ideas around. Making these involves folding a stack of sheets of tissue paper

Mexican fiesta pom poms to refernce my childhood-  How to make the PERFECT tissue paper pom-poms!  Plus, she tells you how to get 5 poms out of one $.99 package of tissue paper!

How to Make Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

I've always been fond of tissue paper and pom-poms, so this DIY just makes sense to me! add a little color to any room with these vibrant colored DIY tissue paper pom-poms!

Fazendo a Minha Festa Infantil: Coruja

DIY Tissue Pom Pom Owls: hide a candy-filled cavity (made from paper mache and a balloon) under the styrofoam ball for a piñata

like the fruit loops...Spring centerpieces

Love this idea for table decor: Place 1 vase inside another -> fill gap with candy, etc. -> fill inner vase halfway with water -> secure flowers with rubber band -> place inside inner vase. (Those fruit loops loke disgusting but the idea is cute!

Freeze water balloons for icing down drinks

Frozen Water Balloon Cooler Idea from Munchkins and Mayhem. Freeze water balloons for a less messy way to chill those beverages!

γιορτινο τραπεζι γενεθλιων σε χρωματα ουρανιο τοξο - Rainbow Party Theme - Table

Rainbow Birthday Table: The table is set! A simple white fabric covered the lunch table, adorned with bright party hats and matching plates in every color.

Assembling your pom poms is so simple, to create a rounded ball of pretty paper petals.

How to assemble your tissue pom pom balls! 12 sheets of tissue paper for large poms. 6 for mini poms.

DIY Ruffled Tissue Garland (for only a couple bucks!) LOVE this idea so much! Could be made in any color for any occasion!

DIY Ruffled Tissue Garland

DIY Ruffled Tissue Garland (for only a couple bucks!) Could be made to ornate the sweet "vin d'honneur" table and/or tables at the reception

piñata esfera con lámpara china

DIY Las mejores piñatas para tus fiestas

DIY Surprise Lantern by ohhappyday: Made with crepe paper. original pin for owl piñata

Dúskar hengdir yfir borð og sælgæti til skrauts kemur skemmtilega út! Skoðið blöð, bækur og heimasíður til að fá frumlegar og flottar hugmyndir fyrir fermingarveisluna.

Our Blue Medium Tissue Paper Pom Poms are fun and festive party decorations in a beautiful shade of blue. Each set of Blue Tissue Pom Poms contains eight pom poms.