Ruched Headband Tutorial

ruffle apron -full tutorial - I love this!

Dress and Headband Tutorials

Bird's Party Blog: TUTORIAL: Tulle Butterflies#.UbzzNfnvuZM#.UbzzNfnvuZM#.UbzzNfnvuZM

Braided Headbands


More cute headband ideas... or even bracelets.

Pattern drafting! :) A whole series of posts to drafting your own patterns. Plus a link to a post on how to estimate yardage for your own patterns. NICE!!

How to make these simple headbands with scraps! #scrapbusters #headbands

Pie Potholders tutorial

A simple flower headband tutorial. Make a fabric flower headband |

free dress pattern


Headband that is cute without being overpowering.


Rolled roses


sew your own organizing bins!


headband tutorial