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  • Martha Williams

    2.Turn up the heat: The cooler a room, the more people tend to eat – which is why restaurants often keep thermostats low.

  • Tom Shepstone

    More on that energy revolution that is reviving the American Dream in real time:

  • See Mom Click

    Easy tips to help save money on keeping warm this winter!


    4. Watch the thermostat. Utility costs in your office space can really add up. Being vigilant about not using too much energy can help your wallet out tremendously.

  • Destiny Hatfield

    10 Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

  • Rocka Shadu has some information how to choose the right thermostat for your home.

  • Anne Smith

    AK - Home Renovations - President's Blog: 10 Mistakes Not To Make When Heating Your Home

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Lower your thermostat in the winter. Raise it in the summer: Wearing a sweater in the winter and short sleeves in the summer saves energy and reduces pollution.

Another special feature we include in our homes is multi-zone heating. Since we are creating more living space by finishing attics and basements, we are thus creating more areas in the house to heat, which can be very expensive. In an effort to save on natural gas and money spent, we create separate heating zones for every floor by adding separate thermostats. A lot of our buyers are first time home owners coming from apartment buildings, and we are sensitive to their financial transition.

Turning down your temperature just two degrees can reduce your home heating costs by 5%. Setting your temperature back 5 degrees for eight hours every night will save approximately 10% on your heating bill. Programmable thermostats more than pay for themselves!

You probably already know that cutting your electricity bills is as simple as adjusting your thermostat, washing laundry in cold water and unplugging devices when you leave for the day. But just how much are you saving? Could you save more? With a home energy monitor, you can save energy and money by visually tracking energy usage as it occurs. People that have installed a home energy monitor have realized up to 25% savings on monthly electricity bills, which quickly adds up.

money saving tips to help with budgeting at home

TILG Banking and Finance Crowdfunding Support Team a, division of www.198crowdfundi... Rare & Uncommon Crowdfunding Campaign Strategies

interesting read. top to bottom budgeting (how much little things really cost and where to cut back).

Easy Tips to Save BIG on Electricity Costs! ~ at - you'll love these simple tricks and ideas for saving money all around the house! Each month will really add up! #thefrugalgirls