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Mouse- pretty cute, yet full of diseases . . . .

what would this world be without the presence and grace and personality of the animals in our world. this edition is dedicated to the wonder of all animals and the need to express their importance and emphasize that they should be loved and appreciated and looked after - how can we look at ourselves in the mirror and call ourselves a successful humanity if we do not respect these creatures as they deserve?

Mice represent the importance of knowing your limitations like when Lennie kills the field mice unintentionally.

You are not your thoughts, you only have them, they come and go, just like the waves of the sea! You are always bigger than any thinking you are able to think or any other thinkers ever thought ... We all are unlimited creativity that can be vehicle of expressions (out) of Love. --John Kuhles April 10th, 2014

Mouse,Rats,Rabbits ... rodents

How many years will I still be found on earth? The rhino killings are so bad with no consequences...why would humanity allow this to happen?

SEASONAL – SPRING – careful where you leave your boots, if you leave them outside, or in the barn, always check them before you put them on.

A baby mouse, oh no it is another mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvest Mouse at the British Wildlife Centre by Sophie L. Miller, via Flickr