Why cleavage is bad for crime fighting

Superhero Week: The naked truth underneath female superhero costumes.Okay,this is true but the hair thing is diferent,they can tie it in a ponytail,or a braid,or a bun,idk

Marvel superheros are more diverse< and the costumes, Ms.Marvels costume is much more practical and like a male super hero that the DC one

If Male Superhero Costumes Were Designed Like The Females

I really like this!

Wonder Woman is better than Super Man by ~spaced-brain on deviantART

I'm wheezing so bad its barely even audible.

RPG Lady Armor - #comic #comicstrip #cartoon


Normal Superheroes

Real life is it's own comic book universe


You've got to check out this incredible series of cosplay photos that feature several superheroes and Star Wars characters in 16th century during the Renaissance

Disney Princess Superheros. Great Costume idea!

The price of being a superhero then and now… I feel for Superman, his budget went up so much he has need to skimp on buying underwear to save money.


Superhero secrets

So true

Batgirl's New Uniform May Be The Best Damn Superheroine Outfit Ever. Designed by Tarr and co-writer Brenden Fletcher.