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8 minute, mini Cinnamon rolls!!

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Pumpkin poppers… wish I knew about these last fall!

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Cake that you will almost literally die over ... super easy ... cinnamon roll cake ... who could ask for anything more?

The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze

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Lemon rolls...

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Mini Apple Pie's.

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Bacon Cinnamon rolls. I have made these to rave reviews. Cook the bacon before rolling into the rolls. :D

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Mini-Cheesecakes - I have made these for YEARS, and are phenomenal! My family makes them for every holiday.. these get snatched up soooo fast!

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Crescent Roll Sandwich

Hot Ham And Cheese Party Roll

Hot Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups – You'll need just three ingredients to make these easy, cheesy, family-pleasy roll-ups. Soft, warm and flavorful, they're simple to make and simply delicious. If you're looking for a quick and easy back-to-school dish, we suggest serving these with soup and a side salad.

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Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants 2 tubes cresent rolls (open and split lengthwise to make more cresents) Beat until fluffy: 4 oz cr. cheese, 1 can pumpkin (not pie filling), 2 Tbsp. pumpkin pie spice, 3-4 Tbsp. sugar. Place one large spoonful on each cresent and spread. Roll cresent up and then roll each one in a mixture of 4 Tbsp. sugar and 1 Tsp. pumpkin pie spice. Bake 350 degree F for 15-18 minutes (or until browned) Enjoy!

Sallys Baking Addictionfrom Sallys Baking Addiction

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread

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Raspberry chocolate banana bread recipe. Would be perfect for guests for breakfast or brunch!

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Easy Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Muffins

Chef in Trainingfrom Chef in Training

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Cinnamon Roll Muffins - Grands biscuits, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar.

Picky Palatefrom Picky Palate

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mini cinnamon monkey rolls

Cinnamon Roll Recipes No Yeast

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Cinnamon Roll Recipe (w/ and w/out yeast)


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Paula Deen's gorilla bread...cinnamon, sugar, cream cheese, biscuit. This is such an easy recipe and absolutely delicious!


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Recipe for Easy Mini Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls on

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Fruit pizza bar- I did these and they turned out awesome!! I just used the Pillsbury rolls of cookie dough (cut into individual cookies) and used the Philadelphia cheesecake filling for the "frosting". They were SO GOOD!!!

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