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Andy Cooperman Brooch--this may be my favorite Cooperman brooch, and he doesn't really do any I don't like!

Brooch "vespa" by Andy Cooperman. silver, gold, diamonds- inspired by a wasp's nest!

Andy Cooperman - I need an Andy Cooperman brooch! This one would suit me fine....

ANDY COOPERMAN-USA-. rime-2006- bronze,sterling silver,fossilized Shell,pearl,plastic photo Doug Yapl "The universal nature of maternal presence, which may be stretched to encompass the constructive exploration of science and technology, may be found in Andy Cooperman’s Rime (2006). ...’" READ www.artjewelryfor...

Andy Cooperman | Bloesfeldt brooch

Beautiful, I wish I had his skill, Andy Cooperman

Andy Cooperman Bronze, sterling, shibuichi, 18k, 14k, & 24k gold, 3x lens, hydrocal A featureless earthen tel -- referring to a small mound or rise in the landscape -containing the covered remains of an ancient town and the only tangible evidence of a vanished society. Buried within the stony tel of political and religious arrogance peace, or at least a state of non-war, is a frail, precious artifact that has been routinely overlooked and, once found, needs to be most skillfully excavated.

Andy Cooperman Ne kadar özenli :) Arkası böyle olan broşun önünü varın sizi düşünün ;)

Andy Cooperman, one of the most amazing creators of beautiful metal art ever.