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    • what drives me

      The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War: Michael Shaara:

    • Amanda Eisenhart

      Favorite book: I have read this book so many times that the copy of the book I have is falling apart. The Civil War is one of my favorite snapshots of history to read and learn about. One of the best pieces of fiction regarding the Battle of Gettysburg

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    it CAN be done, but not without tears.


    doesn't everyone do this??

    with the exception of the baby mauling and Italian holiday, each of these have happened at one point or another.

    it would be amazing!!!

    Oh yeah!

    Biblio ADD, that is me.

    it's actually a turn-off..

    I keep reading about this concept called "productivity". It sounds intriguing.


    Kindle is why Borders went out of business. >.

    This is why I'm blind.

    If only I could get other people to realize this. -_-

    no joke. gimmie the original cover.

    strongest neck everrrrr!

    in a perfect world...

    so the boy with the bread would love ME, and not the other way around.

    nuttin but the truth.

    And once in a while, a little Love.


    truly, madly deeply.

    I said good day, sir!!! >.>

    In a perfect world...