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    • LittleMarley∞

      Saw this today and just started crying! Love the reminder to let go, forgive, and give it up to God. May definitely get this as a tattoo, not sure about the balloon design though.

    • Victoria Cordova

      For me, a balloon is a sign of letting go of things that you let hold you down. I really want a tattoo of a balloon. :)

    • Shannon Stinson

      Beautiful. A balloon is a great visual reminder to let it go. Maybe a good tattoo idea too?

    • Robyn Booth

      @Molly Smith a fun thing to do this summer would be to have a bunch of people over for a party and each of us write on a balloon about something we have had to go through that has been troubling, hurtful, unsettling, etc that we need to let go of. We then could all let go of our balloons at the same time and move on. I might have about 80 balloons, but it would be cool. PS. We would want to make sure we put helium in the balloons otherwise our problems would just float to our feet...wouldn't solve a thing!

    • Mariëlle van der Meulen

      Something we tend to forget. I like this as a tattoo idea too!

    • Candy Shauff

      tattoo idea? let go, let God?

    • Laurel Avery

      so true for some people

    • Ashley Clements

      Words of wisdom.

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    Love this quote! :)

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    i probably won't ever get a tattoo, but i like to think about it anyway. i love the writing in this one.

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