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The bronze statue in Fremont of KIRO 7 icon J.P. Patches and his girlfriend, Gertrude.

The J.P. Patches show first aired in 1958.

Holy Patches Pals! The entire Met Market staff is dressed as characters from the J.P. Patches show for Halloween:

People around the Northwest are remembering Chris Wedes, the iconic J.P. Patches, after learning of his passing on Sunday.

Chris Wedes, the iconic TV clown J.P. Patches, remembered by thousands

The J.P. Patches show, starring Chris Wedes, aired on KIRO 7 for 23 years, from 1958 to 1981. It's considered the longest-running, locally-produced childrens show in U.S. history.

I'll always be a Patches Pal! You're definitely a Seattle kid if you remember this guy. I ♥ J.P. Patches.