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If you're interested in homesteading, you probably have big dreams, but don't know where to start. This family lays out goals you can reach in your first year of homesteading that will motivate you to make the most of your new lifestyle!

www.facebook.com/selfsufficientdreams A collection of articles on Off Grid Living/Solar/Wind/Hydro Power/Wild Foraging & More!!!

BCS Haybaler because, well, you know, it's just way cooler than letting the steers actually graze the pasture.

Anyone can build this open source bike-tractor hybrid for sowing, weeding, hoeing, harvesting open lines, and carrying loads.

"Water Strategies for the Homestead" It’s important to have a comprehensive water plan for your property. We need to develop a resilient water plan that accounts for potential disruption in that system but also to develop other systems to increase the fertility of the land. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Magazine

Being prepared and keeping supplies around the homestead is a necessity in my opinion. That’s why I think building your very own… | Small Town Homestead

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