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You are free to practice any religion you choose. The Constitution is the law of the land. Tissues for your issues.

major corporations pay so little that the American tax payer has to subsidize food and medical coverage to the tune of BILLIONS annually. That is YOUR money those corporations are forcing people to use by not paying a truly livable wage that keeps up with the cost of living.

So happy I live in canada where we take care of our own. I can't imagine a world where only the rich are entitled to health care in a first world country.

If you spend all your time complaining about welfare programs while ignoring subsidizing of companies that exploit tax loopholes, you might be an a--hole. Most people on food stamps need them. It is temporary, it is their last resort, and it is their lifeline until they get back on their feet. They don't WANT to be on food stamps. It is humiliating. Stop punishing hard working people.

Exactly! How can people fail to see that having a for-profit business between patients and doctors is a bad idea? Read The Fine Print America.

Instead of closing loopholes for greedy hedge fund managers, or making the wealthy pay their fair share, Republicans would rather reduce Social Security (no more raises) starve the poor (reduce benefits), and cut the budget so that many children will no longer be able to rec'v free or reduced lunches. It's all about God until it comes time for real humanity and then Republicans forget humanity and God and only work to protect the rich.

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