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"I don't understand how some girls can be shy when they eat in front of guys. Bitch I ain't scared to get up and take 5 plates of food at a buffet on a date. If I'm hungry I'm hungry! "

2.5yrs of hell for him. It's ok though.. He can live his fantasy and he'll do the same with the next girl... Men like him don't change..

Dürüst olmaktan korkanlar çareyi psikolojik analizlere dayalı yaşama odaklanmada ararlar!!!!! Hastalık derecesinde yalancı olanlar da 100 ile 1000 kişinin yardımına güvenerek yaşadıklarını sanarlar!!!!

18 Tumblr Posts About Catcalling That'll Make Women Laugh Then Shake Their Head In Despair

Wisdom for #marriage from @familyshare Repost from @christianmarriageleague

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My brother has serious road rage and yelled at someone "you drive like a girl!" I argued with him the rest of the car ride Become a champion for women's rights at

GOSH. If you don't have periods regularly, don't bother saying anything! You don't know what you're talking about.