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hamilton is trying to help me type this

Miiiau!...Uhm, This Place Is So Curious...I Must Find A Way To Sneak Inside Samissomar's Pinterests !... samissomarspace.w...

#Amazing #photography White siberian Husky Huskies Dog Puppy Dogs Puppies Huski

Siberian Husky. I love seeing the different colorations of the Husky.

Siberian Husky-exhibit high energy indoors, have special exercise needs, may pursue cats, and may be destructive "without proper care. They need the frequent companionship of people and other dogs.Behavioral issues include a tendency to roam and to make escape attempts.He can't help it, it's the way he's made.

Siberian Husky. What a regal look from this fellow. Do you think he is watching the sun come up?

Husky puppy | because 73 days | Countdown | Blue-eyed beauty | Baby girl | Big step | ❤️ |

OMG, wish I had a baby one :) Mine are all growed up though!