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Everything on the Internet is true (30 Photos)


Funny pictures about Police logic. Oh, and cool pics about Police logic. Also, Police logic.

saw this MANY years ago... funny then, funny now, but the current terminology is "Power Rings"

An employee who worked within the sheriff's dept. was fired. How do you like his "ART WORK" on the side of the sheriffs cars?

Irony...sometimes it's self explanatory.

It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (35 Photos)


Funny Car Photos Cars Wallpapers And Pictures Car Images Car Pics .

My court date in in 2 weeks. :P

Because I’m smokin hot is not the correct answer to do you know why I pulled you over?

Soulja Boy would be proud. http://mbinge.co/1AOmOEs

Superman Dat Doe lmao So many things going on here. Like-why is there a guy sitting outside of a car window?

Cops locked out of their cruiser. Officiers, need any help?  http://toplocksmithservice.com/

Cops locked out of their cruiser. "Officiers, need any help?

Found two cops locked out of their cruiser today. Apparently they needed help breaking in.

Oh, Amy! So clever! Hahahaha I love The Big Bang Theory!!

"Then maybe you should spank me harder." - Amy Farrah Fowler ~ One of the funniest episodes. // the big bang theory


And here we see the young Police Car, hunting for the first time without its Mother.

LET'S PLAY A GAME.....you can go first.....AND....I'll give you a head start

LET'S PLAY A GAME.....you can go first.....AND....I'll give you a head start

Add 'The Deserter' the one has a Facebook but never gets on to do anything. At all. Ever. Thats me!

So true! I think I am some combination of the Lurker and the Liker lol