Soul sister tattoo

I want to get a tattoo with my two older sisters as my first one and I would love it to be an arrow because of the quote about arrows and how closely it ties into our lives. I also like the idea of numbers because it's adorable

Hello guys! This is new collection with a new stunning nature-inspired tattoos (in my opinion). I hope you like them! (cover photo: Tattoo by Diana Severinenko) 1. Tattoo by Victor J Webster 2. Tattoo by Sue Jeiven 3. Tattoo by Rom Azovsky 4. Tattoo by Rob Banks of East River Tattoo 5. Tattoo by MxM 6. Tattoo by MxM 7. Tattoo by Klaim StreetTattoo 8. Tattoo by Johnny Jinx 9. Tattoo by Ellen Westholm 10. Tattoo by Otto 11. Tattoo by Andrés Acosta 12. Tattoo by Andrés Acosta 13. Tattoo ...

Watercolor compass by Greek tattoo artist Dynoz Art Attack


Sister tattoo



Would be cool tattoos!


Sister tattoo- The quote “soror mea, amica mea” means my sister, my friend in Latin. Split it between sisters. If I ever decided to do a tat, it's would be something like this

sister/bestfriend tattoo

Too freaking cute

This is one of my favorite quotes by Henry David Thoreau. I often said I might get it as a tattoo. Still thinking about it...

Sister tattoo

Sister tattoos designed by me. big sister on my shoulder, little sister on sissys foot.

Matching sister tattoo-something to consider with your sisters?

@melissajo82 we could get matching ones!! (Little ones to start until we find someone to put you under to add to it!)