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Road Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know | Cool Daily Infographics #roadtrip #travel

Focus on the Road: Infographic - This infographic is presented by Driving-Tests.org, a leading online educational learning site that offers free practice permit tests for US learner drivers. This summer, Driving-Tests.org is helping to promote safer driving through the "Focus on the Road" campaign. Designed to help promote best driving practices for teens, this infographic encourages safer summer driving.

Follow these tips to avoid being distracted when behind the wheel: #DefensiveDriving #Texas

8 Driver Safety Reminders

Eyes on the Road: The Challenges of Safe Driving Infographic

Advice on car care and safety is rampant, both on and off the internet. Just how much of it it true? While some tips are spot on, you might be surprised at how many “facts” are really myths.

Fool's Gear vs. Cool Gear #Motorcycle #Safety #Gear

The way a person behaves while driving can affect his or her experience on the road. Heres a look at three common driving personalities and how they could impact a drivers potential safety.

Distracted driving: It’s a topic you hear about often, from government officials urging motorists to avoid distractions, to legislation making certain distracted driving behaviors illegal. We conducted a survey of drivers across the country on their driving habits. Check out this #infographic for the results.

Figuring out Animal Tracks while #camping #hiking #infographic

Road safety tips for driving at night

Distracted Drivers

This is a preview image of the printable traffic signs for kid. Print the PDF version then follow the instructions in this post!

RAC infographic motoring report

Driving in the Rain #Safety Tips

Fire and rescue services across the country currently taking part in a national week of activity [9-15 June], promoting road safety to local communities. This infographic illustrates the impact of RTCs in the UK. For more information visit www.cfoa.org.uk/UKRoadSafetyWeek2014

Always wear a seat belt! Wearing a safety belt can reduce the risk of crash injuries by 50%

Trends in #teendriver #safety

Safe Driving Tips - for motorists driving around bikes & pedestrians

Back to school Safety Tips