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This majestic elephant has its face accented with face paint. Although, I don't condone the capturing or holding animals in captivity. I consider this picture to be beautiful nonetheless. The colors possibly represent emotions.

Decorated Indian Elephant at Hindu Festival in India - as a sign of respect for God. Hindus believe God pervades in everything as everything was created by God, hence animals are held sacred in India and are most respected with Hindu art, decorations and paintings. Another reason why majority of Hindus/Indians are vegetarians. 80% of India are vegetarians- अहिंसा - non violence, Hinduism.

ॐ Decorated Indian Elephant at Hinduism Festival in India - as a sign of respect for God.

one day I will see one of these majestic creatures outside of a circus

I LOVE elephants. I'm just like my mother in this aspect. I have a framed piece of art of a painted elephant like this in my house too. Love it.

Elephant Festival, India - one of the most popular festivals in Jaipur and takes place at the famous Chaugan Stadium in March.

A beautiful photo of one of my favourite animals! Not only is it amazing but a beautiful piece of art!

"Over the years, the annual elephant festival in Jaipur has become a great hit with tourists as well as the local populace. It is always held one day before Dhulandi (Holi). The festival will begin with the 'elephant procession' in which decorated elephants walk in row in all their finery before an enthralled audience."


The Indian Holi Festival is so cool! Ever since I got interested in India, I've had a yearning to go to the Holi festival.

I love elephants so much. I want to ride an elephant. And take pictures with one. In a jungle in India or Thailand or wherever elephants roam. Too cute.

Elephant blessing - Sri Meenakshi Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India I was there in 1998 and was blessed like this.

Indian elephants have small ears. African elephants have large ears. This one is Indian.

Sumatrant Elephants are rapidly losing their natural rainforest habitat and this creates conflict with local people. (Sumatrant Elephant by Syahrul Ramadan)

Indian Elephant's Eye

Indian Elephant's Eye - it will look into your very soul, and remember.

The stars of #Jaipur's elephant festival photographed by Charles Fréger

The stars of Jaipur's elephant festival photographed by Charles Fréger

Amazing colors in India. The jewel in the crown, Sahaswara. She is our beautiful and great animal sister, of all times.

Jesse Treece - Collage King

Paint a elephant!Gorgeous Elephant colorfull painted for the Rajasthan Elephant festival in Jaipur, India the night for Holi Phagwa; I want to paint an elephant.

So many ideas. Can easily be adapted to suit other animals. But who wouldn't want an elephant tattoo

55 Elephant Tattoo Ideas

You have designs like baby elephant tattoos, tribal elephant tattoos, cute and small elephant tattoos and African to name a few. Each has different meaning.