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So sweet. Cows, dogs, pigs, cats, chickens are no different. They love, and they feel pain.

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Truth: I wanted to do this when I was a kid. I still have a "The Saddle Club" book due to the Bookmobile from April '92. No lie. :: Shawna Harding on Come On III

"The Perfect Horse loves a good carrot and a pat on the neck. In fact, that is his greatest reward; A little treat, a little love, and appreciation is what the Perfect Horse lives for." ~Annamaria Tadlock

horses aren't just any animal. they're the creatures that make everything alright when everything goes wrong.

When this research facility has become a reality part of the program will be to bring residents into contact with horses and dogs learning how to care for them as well as learning how to ride the horses or work them in the fields -- very therapeutic.

Even the most experienced combos have "issues".... thank goodness. Haha you can say "issues" again XD brave! - lol - given the physical difference between men and women, it has long been said that men should be the ones to ride side saddle!