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Got to get my bird our dog and our guinea pigs

❤ choppy said no hahahahahahaha sorry kitty you have under the bed jk you're always allowed in our cloud

HAHAHAHA had to pin this because reminds me of my golden Angel Shelbee(God rest her sweet soul) she despised all flying bugs(except butterflies )and insects-"especially bee's"-She killed them-with me sooo scared she'd get stung! Once she killed so many bee's I was sure she had to have gotten stung-so I called the vet-N she had me give her benedryl-she was a real laid back chilled golden-calm soul anyway-it knocked her out for six hours! I about diedI panicked n kept calling the vet! Sh...

My golden retriever LOVES the oils, my chocolate lab doesn't, she doesn't mind if they're diluted. I'm pretty sure it's because she has a great sense of smell. The golden however lives her hips getting rubbed down, she's 10 and they help ease joint pain for her.

D0odle inspired by my profile picture >u< i love strawberries and i wish i was as sweet as them~ btw, what's yours favorite fruit? ❤❤🍓 Another copics set arrived today!! They are copics sketch, and i can't wait to test them out!! ♡♡ Anyway, i hope you guys like this one 💖💖 . #barbara_drawings #d0dle #strawberrys #sweet #instaart #instaartist #quickly #profile #picture #featuremehoneyrose #arts_phans

I can't even deal with the cuteness in this pic!

A start to a Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings playful argument.