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The Official "Fun vs Effort" Graph of Pets. Clearly dragons are the superior pet choice.

You don't know me! Hahahaha

Numeric Nightmare

I think the really funny thing is I started to read this in numerical order.

Some of my favorites from Poorly Drawn Lines - Imgur

Some of my favorites from Poorly Drawn Lines

I used to be a people person...until people ruined it. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com

Free, Confession Ecard: I used to be a people person.until people ruined it.


My dogs are awesome AND I'm popping out a kid. I will still think my dogs are awesome!

Cat resume

Pusheen cat on "Cat Etiquette". So true. My cat Tia does this perfectly except she doesn't barf but that's fine by me.

Somebody's been playing with the blocks again.

Thanks, Merry Snmgfiehp to you, too. but at our house we celebrate Snhjtphn (which some people spell Nhjjtphn)


Head, shoulders, knees, and toes knees and toes. Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes! Eyes and ears and mouth and nose head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes!

Repin if you thought it was blood, like for roses. (I thought of blood)

There’s always two kind of people…

First person: Wish someone was romantic enough to do this for me, just once. // Second person: i thought those were bloodstains // Response: there are two kinds of people. Not going to lie I saw blood stain


"A dolla make make me HOLLA!" " Honey boo boo child" I Love this child and toddlers and tiaras:) OBSESSION fan from the first episode!

Funny Cat Captions Grumpy Cat Kitten Cute

funny caption sad cat with every last toy stuck under refrigerator poor muffin lost all sense of purpose in life