I am so doing this to random vehicles this winter!!!!

lol it would make me so happy if someone did this to my car!!!


"So... my brother mailed me a potato again." He must have seen that pin about all the things you can mail by just putting stamps on them.

why men should not own action figures. Cannot stop laughing.

How to meet almost everyone on the beach...awesome

Love it!

Wearing Winter Clothes

Next time some guy ask for a sexy photo of you, send the top shot. After he goes nuts for it, send him the second photo. Lol!

Finger Twister Game - $4.99 // I bet you could easily make this for a simple party favor. Or for tables for guest to play with while waiting for food.

Coolest flight attendant ever. Southwest flight attendants are the best

33 harmless April Fools jokes... I'm gonna be happy I pinned this

Shoulda used my head..

Just drew that for Maureen lol

Original caption: "Lifehack: Turn Your Hoodie Into A Popcorn Holder. I eat a bag of microwave popcorn everyday, so this is brilliant!!" People have problems......

I think a bird fell in the snow and then walked away

I think of this every time

LOL - A day in the life of an egg.... These kill me


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