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enough said.

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Love Carrie Underwood! #quote

I'm southern. I love big hair & eye liner. Only thing I'd change would be big hair and mascara!

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I love how I take the time to introduce myself and put my name on the board. Yet patients and their families still say "hey nurse". Grrr!

or when a patient says they want to talk to a "real nurse" because only an RN is a "real nurse" lol

I hate that sound

misophonia - I have this. its not fun, but at least mine is more selective.


The doctor will be with you in a minute. Two nurses having a good time while we await the doctor :)

I work with this person!! He could seriously make crunching noises with any food....ugh, so annoying!!

Two things that must stop: Pics of Miley Cyrus twerking w/her tongue out sideways and every single thing covered in chevron print!