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  • Nurul Ishak

    Heart break scarred one's self esteem forever. It makes me feel I'm not good enough for him; and for everyone else. It makes me over-think everything; where I could've done better with him. Ofcourse I tried, Moving on has been hard, when my heart is unwilling to let go Despite being on a scary level-5 rollercoaster ride. It feels like there's an ongoing battle between the head and the heart; so exhausting that I am losing it. I am no longer a wonder woman.

  • Anne-Loes Huizing

    3D tattoo. It kinda freaks me out but it looks incredible

  • Katie Barnes

    . Cool tattoo!

  • Julia Beyer

    if that really is a tattoo... chapeau.

  • Sargeant Reeves

    all I can say is amazing tattoo artist

  • Bethany Patterson

    broken heart concept? so sad.

  • Alissa

    Cackle heart bird tattoo. I really, really love this.

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....pretty- if I were younger and thinner- this is just gorgeous!!!

jaw dropping. fucking amazing tattoo by this guy: www.tattooartproj...

This is very similar to what I want on my ribcage to make it look like my black bird is flying out of it.

I saw a girl with a little anchor on her finger a couple weeks ago! It was adorable! I've been thinking about it since... I've already cleared the idea with my hubby... now when?! : )

Amazing- this would be really cool with my favorite scriptures underneath- showing the armor of God protecting me under my skin.

love this, if I ever committed to a partial sleeve this would be it.

REALLY interesting idea for a tattoo! Colorful, on the shoulder/back. Faded colors, no outline, very soft. Not like anything I've ever seen before. Looks like the rainbow a prism makes when the sun hits it, only pastel

Tempting.... Though slightly apprehensive about a unicorn... Still, if I were to get one this is what I would want:)

I'm not big on tattoo's but someone brillant once told me to learn about sudden self rescue. I think this girl knows all too well.

fly - reminds me of my father's paintings - he would paint 3 birds in upper right corner representing my sister, my brother and I