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    Easy Letter Reversal Solution

    The B-D Song - for young children with letter reversals. I use this video clip often with my kinders to give them hands-on tools to help with b and d. Recommended by Charlotte's Clips

    A trick for helping kids fix their letter reversals

    This is from a college professor who is combatting punctuation "myths" kids pick up in school. It's a nice article. I like the how the "commas go where you breath" myth is debunked. I think I'll start using it.

    Stories to help kids understand sounds...these are SO cute!

    Such a good idea: phonics. Why didn't I ever think of this? Love this.

    No more letter reversals!

    Why students reverse letters--FREE printable

    B & D chart

    Dyslexia: What A Gift!

    37 Ways to Help Students with Dyslexia Flourish in the Mainstream Classroom: This is a MUST READ for anyone who works with kids in an educational setting. It just is.

    Alphabet poster to help remind the children how each letter looks and its placement on the paper!

    Recently, I found a picture on Pinterest that suggested highlighting letters on paper then encouraging children to trace the highlighted letters. I love it! The dashes that are most commonly used are obtrusive and really don't encourage tracing, but highlighting works great. Use this for teaching preschoolers to draw shapes, their name, and even for cutting activities

    Teaching Plurals - easy to make by simply folding sentence strips

    Letter Reversals - many great ideas (not just for b and d)

    b & d confusion signs

    Absolutely FREE word family slides! Easy to make.

    BB DD

    Poems to show how to write letters.

    20 Awesome iPad Apps That Will Teach Your Kids to Read and write