A stunning classic full body Japanese tattoo. Japanese tattoo art has several names – irezumi or horimono in the Japanese language. Irezumi is the word for the traditional visible tattoo that covers large parts of the body like the back.


Tattoos are hot, modern-day day body art and style accessories. Although yes, people may regret their tattoos. It is dependent on you that where you want to find this tattoo carved on your physique.

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Never feeling naked! 😇 amazing feeling ✨all work by my one and only hubby ❤️

Irezumi. Japanese bathes or Onsen are the most incredible form of relaxation ever dreamt. if you ever get the chance do the Electric Bath.... shocking.


Los mejores tatuajes en

Los mejores tatuajes en

25 Yakuza Tattoo Art Forms

25 Yakuza Tattoo Art Forms

The Popularity of Yakuza Tattoo Design: Koi Yakuza Tattoo Designs ~ Sleeve Tattoos Inspiration

great information if you're serious about getting a Sak Yant tattoo

A Sak Yant is a magic tattoo which bestows mystical powers. This Sak Yant magic tattoo is normally given by a Buddhist Monk or Brahmin Priest but a Sak Yant can also be performed by a layman. Of the Countries in Asia where Sak Yant tattooing is.

25 Yakuza Tattoo Art Forms

25 Yakuza Tattoo Art Forms

The Popularity of Yakuza Tattoo Design: Dragon Yakuza Tattoo Designs For Men On Back ~ Sleeve Tattoos Inspiration

japanese yakuza | However, for those not embarrassed about their bulging bellies, and at ...

Unlike the other Yakuza members on the board, I like how this member has a full body tattoo on his chest without a gap which could suggest he is not afraid of exposing his tattoos under his normal clothes.

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Meanings

32 Beautiful Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Designs and Images

Female and Male Japanese Yakuza Tattoo Designs, Images and Suits with meaning. Beautiful full body yakuza dragon tattoos and more yakuza inspiration.