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Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy includes the main character being notified that an alien apocalypse is coming. The aliens arrive to make an offer with the main character, Arthur, in exchange for his brain.

A fatally flawed plan to rule the world by writing about it. Reverend Rick's Soap Box and Oddities is an attempt to converse with you, the reader and to educate you and open your eyes through the proverbial beer goggles I call prescription sportswear.

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e-David Robot Painting

e-David Robot Painting by eDavid. e-David, our painting machine, uses visual feedback to create different kinds of paintings. We equipped a standard robot with all necessary means for painting. Five different brushes can be used, color can be selected from a repository with 24 colors, brushes can be cleaned and colors can be distributed precisely on the canvas.