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Q: "Why do you have to call it feminism? We all deserve equality and the term makes me feel left out. You should be an equalist or humanist."  A: "Because the continued disenfranchisement of women needs to be addressed specifically."  Q: "Why do you need black feminism? It should just be feminism. Why would you divide us like that?"  A: "Really?"  [click on this image to find a short video primer on the three waves of feminism]  Artist: Rosalarian, a.k.a., Megan Rose Gedris (www.rosalarian.com) Misogyny, Oppression, Fight Club, Françoise Sagan, Vie Motivation, Grown Woman, Intersectionality, Intersectional Feminism, Socialism

Feminist Adventure Time: A Primer on the Three Waves

Tags: gender , inequality , media , social mvmts/social change/resistance , sex/sexuality , adventure time, bmo, feminism, first wave feminism, gender binary, popular culture, p… 

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