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"A Life Cut Short" | Photojournalist: David Zentz, 2007."Kyra Coyle-Desilets, 3,daughter of Lance Cpl. Benjamin Desilets,sizes up 4 young Marines standing guard outside the auditorium prior to a public viewing of her father's body.Lance Cpl. Desilets, who was posthumously promoted to corporal & given the Purple Heart & other honors at a ceremony preceding the viewing, was killed in Iraq. When nearby family members told her the Marines look just like her father, she replied "Those aren't…

Lex, a German shepherd whose trainer, 20-year-old Marine Corp. Dustin Lee, died in a mortar attack in Falluja in 2007. Lex, who had played with and slept alongside Corp. Lee throughout their service, was also injured in the attack; the dog at first refused to leave his side and had to be pulled away. Lee’s family lobbied extensively for the Marines to retire Lex before the customary age of 10, and Lex is now living with the Lees at their home in rural Mississippi.

Too many feels…

Too many feels…

Too many feels…

faith in humanity restored. These beautiful and kind marines like him deserve such thanks beyond any given by us. God bless their pure and heroic hearts.

I can say: "Go Fuck Yourself." Very loud and clear, put your hands on me I'll break your arm. Fuck with my family or country. . .it's your funeral.


War never changes…

The soldiers aren't the only ones who sacrifice for our country. HEART BREAKING army, marines, air force, navy, military spouses

Deserving all of our respect. From our military family to all of yours, we respect, thank you and love you!

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#military #veterans Freedom is NOT free. Are we just going to give it away after so many, many lives and families have paid so dearly for it? - @

#SEALOfHonor ......... Honoring Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jonathan W. Gifford who selflessly sacrificed his life two years ago today ON (July 29, 2012) in Afghanistan for our great Country. Please help me honor him so that he is not forgotten.

To all our veteran, their families and all those who have put their lives on the line in defense of this flag - THANK YOU!