"A Life Cut Short" | Photojournalist: David Zentz, 2007."Kyra Coyle-Desilets, 3,daughter of Lance Cpl. Benjamin Desilets,sizes up 4 young Marines standing guard outside the auditorium prior to a public viewing of her father's body.Lance Cpl. Desilets, who was posthumously promoted to corporal & given the Purple Heart & other honors at a ceremony preceding the viewing, was killed in Iraq. When nearby family members told her the Marines look just like her father, she replied "Those aren't dadd...

Heroes Guarding Heroes ...

Heart Wrenching!

And you think your having a bad day, this makes me cry

Marine Helps Boy Finish Race- Faith in humanity restored. This is why we want our son to be a Marine. To learn the best values, we feel the Marines embody them. HOORAH!

Marines LOL

US Marine and his daughter. <3

Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months.

a boy, Cody Norris, from La Porte, TX gave his life for your freedom. You don't know him, now you will never know him. Keep his family in your prayers. His mom needs us to lift her up. Hugs your babies tighter today, she gave up her son for our freedom.


Lance Corporal Kylie Watson, 23, is one of only four women in history to have been awarded the Military Cross. Just 5ft 1ins she showed exceptionally bravery as a medic in Helmand Province

This is Corporal Sandy Levit. She was recently killed in action in Afghanistan when she tried to rescue a wounded ranger pinned down by insurgents. She didn't hesitate when she tried to save his life. She believed that his life was more valuable than hers and put herself in immediate danger. Acts of heroism and brotherhood are what society needs.

Daniella, salutes behind her father, Capt. Dan Moen of 1-89 CAV, 2nd BDE, 10th Mountain Division, during the National Anthem at his deployment ceremony on January 11, 2013, at Fort Drum, NY. Photo by Sasha Moen

Two-year-old Tyler Miles wearing Marine dress blues and points at the flag-covered casket of his father, Marine Sergeant Sean H. Miles, who was killed in Iraq.

The soldiers aren't the only ones who sacrifice for our country. HEART BREAKING army, marines, air force, navy, military spouses

marine corps newborn pictures | Proud Marine Corps daddy for the professional newborn photographer ...

The Veteran asked ONE of the Marines if he could have a photo taken with him…. As you can see from the photo the Marines answer. oorah! #USMC

May your home be a place where friends meet, family gathers, and love grows.

The Marines