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A tapestry by Goshka Macuga adjoining collages by Paulina Ołowska. Beneath a monumental red scuplture by Zbigniew Warpechowski.

Gallery of Małopolska Garden of Arts / Ingarden & Ewý Architects - 4

"Barge-haulers": Paweł Althamer alludes to the well-known painting "Barge-Haulers on the Volga" by Ilya Repin to metaphorically present Museum’s own current situation—a constant struggle to build its own building. The sculpture, made using the artist’s own special technique, contains the figures of the first eleven members of the Museum team.

Paweł Althamer's "Barge-haulers": a metaphor of a museum's team struggle to erect the permanent quarter.

Mr. Rubber - the sculpture created by Paweł Althamer together with children from Social Animation Group. A fantastic example of public art work: it stood in Warsaw in the area of bad reputation, first stirring controversy, but quickly becoming a boast for local residents.