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♡ this. :) VG Africa Fashion Week London: Tumblr site

Gondar, Ethiopia: The Camelot of Africa

Hosanna traditional house, decorated with big frescos telling the life of the family, Ethiopia

Konso Tribal Mountain Village in Hills of Ethiopia

Painted Houses, Southern Ethiopia by Hans Silvester.

Africa | Priest leaving the church at Tana lake - North Ethiopia | © Johan Gerrits

AFRICA'S LAST Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I with his Lions. The lion is considered as Ethiopia‘s national animal and can be seen on various national artifacts such as the Ethiopian Lion of Judah flag and Ethiopian Airline.

ethiopia @

Ethiopian Easter, Ethiopian traditional clothes

Black art

by Adis Gebru of Ethiopia

Abateh in Amharic

fckyeahprettyafricans: Ethiopia ig edenbonger

Traditional Eritrean Hairstyles | Tigre tribe, fegiret hairstyle

Embroiderers, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by CAtherine Muollo

Redeat and puppy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by catherine muollo, via Flickr

Tikel Gomen : Ethiopian Cabbage Dish - made this for lunch and it was a HUGE hit! Calls for 1 head of cabbage but I used not even half. I also added berbere.

Farmer in the Ethiopian mountains | Mario Gerth

Ethiopian Music: Yawe Way - Gurage Dance

Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine: Himbasha, An Ethiopian and Eritrean Celebration Bread that is slightly sweet.

Doro wot and Dabo are the best.