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Elizabeth of York wife of King Henry the seventh, mother to King Henry VIII

Princess Elizabeth future Queen of England. Pictured in Henry VIII family portrait.

Portrait of Queen Isabella I of Castile mother of Henry VIII's first wife, Katherine of Aragon.

The necklace of Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry V111, mother of King Edward V1.

A Miniature of Elizabeth I as a Princess

Henry III, King of England (Plantagenet)

Elizabeth Woodville, Wife of King Edward IV of England. Not Tudor, but instrumental in the War of the Roses which led to the Tudor dynasty.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1122-1204, the most powerful woman of the high middle ages, mother to three Plantagenet kings, Henry (the young king), Richard the Lionheart and John.

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of Edward IV; mother of Elizabeth of York, whose marriage to Henry VII joined the Lancaster and York factions and founded the Tudor dynasty.

Anne Boleyn - almost all the portraits of her were destroyed after she was beheaded by Henry VIII.