Kushina for KejtTensha by natsumi33.deviantart.com on @deviantART

3 Sketch for Hope you like it! I had lots of fun doing this. I know now how Kushina actually looks (although we haven't seen her aside the kitchen). Kushina for KejtTensha

<3 Sasuke, Naruto, Lee & Neji

Get Along by ishimaru-miharu on DeviantArt. Sasuke and naruto. "Lee it's never going to happen!" But, Neji-kun's face! I'm going to die from laughing to damn hard teehee XD.

Omg Orochimaru. Just tell us your gender!!! Jk

Just a personal theory but what if Kabuto was the other parent, dad or mum i'm still not entirely sure but meh, just putting it out there.<kabuto was the mom its canon now

Omg that's just hilarious!! They could've put Rin and obito in Sakura's and Naruto's place thought XD

Kakasaku Age Swap: Ichiraku by YoukaiYume on deviantART awww haha its so cute!