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Hello, Sweetie - Flirty Smile

I’m back to Doctor Who themed latte art again! This morning’s food art is River Song. I had a message come through saying that latte art doesn’t mean that the milk is terrible …

Do not fear ... You will be upgraded! Cyberman

Do not fear … You will be upgraded!

Doctoc Who - K9

I was out of coffee beans again, but while waiting for my next meeting, I stopped by Caffe Rosso in Ramsay to grab a chai latte and a bag of Two Wheel Espresso beans.

Come Along, Pond

I was a bit unprepared this morning as I was trying to squeeze in a latte before I ran out for a morning gig with Make Fashion. So, once I finished my latte art, I reached over for my camera and di…

Doctor Who - The TARDIS

I would have liked to have drawn the TARDIS inside my TARDIS mug but the mouth is a bit small and the cup requires a lot more liquid.

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.” ― Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

Doctor Who - The Ood

My new TARDIS cup has a very small mouth – not conducive for latte art creation. That didn’t stop me from attempting a Doctor Who themed sketch! I etched out an Ood – an humanoid …

Doctor Who: Slitheen

There seems to be a HUGE fanbase for my Doctor Who themed latte art, which makes me feel kind of silly. I only started watching Doctor Who this year and only because I ran out of interesting things…

Latte Art - Clockwork Droid

This clockword Droid will demand a remake. He’s looking more like a lion than a menacing, body part stealing monster … Coffee: Fratello Coffee – Godfather

Latte Art - Doctor Who & Mario Mashup

Friday Funnies: Doctor Who & Mario Mashup

Doctor Who - Zygon

Updated: Remaking the Zygon with Ghirardelli Chocolate (October Painting with chocolate has given us much more freedom in art than pouring allows for. Coffee lovers have an easier time distin…

What?! This isn't Starbucks?

It’s not like I don’t ever go to a Starbucks, but I don’t go to Starbucks because I’m expecting good coffee. I go to a Starbucks because it’s convenient and I want som…