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  • Traci Leann

    Wolf Creek (2005) a grim disturbing horror film, based on actual events in the TEXAS CHAINSAW vein. It's also beautifully shot, w/director Greg McLean making the otherworldly majesty of Australia's outback emerge as a part of the story. Cassandra Magrath and Kesti Morassi play the two young British girls traveling w/their Aussie friend, Ben, to Wolf Creek, the remote location of a giant meteor crater. When their car breaks down, a jovial, Crocodile Dundee-type named John Jarrett

  • artpaintingartist

    Wolf Creek (2005) - The Thrill Is In The Hunt.

  • Horror-Shop

    68. Wolf Creek (2005) - Stranded backpackers in remote Australia fall prey to a murderous bushman who offers to fix their car, then takes them captive. #horror #horrormovies #horrorfilms #imdb #films #movies

  • J. E.

    Wolf Creek. This 2005 Australian horror movie starring John Jarratt makes me question both my love for the genre and my sanity. It's brutal and unforgiving, featuring many disturbing scenes, but it's compelling. I don't like what happens in the movie, but I appreciate the acting (especially by John Jarratt) and the scares.

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