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  • Brenda Crawford

    Winner of the "Weird Products" award. This is made from a grizzly bear.

  • Danny Munro

    Grizzly Bear Chair !! Really sad , but at least it looks comfy / BEARly gives you a bear HUG !!! 😄

  • Jim Weaver

    Seth Kinman, The Grizzly Bear Chair, for the ultimate in man cave furnishings

  • Lorraine Lehman

    Antique Photo Postcard...1865 Grizzly Bear chair

  • Ayuni Yustika Sari

    1865: This grizzly bear chair was a gift from a hunter named Seth Kinman to U.S. president Andrew Johnson.

  • Bonnie Cook

    Grizzly bear chair presented to President Andrew Jackson.

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Seth Kinman sitting in the grizzly chair he made for Andrew Jackson. I recommend following the link to the web page - it gets weirder.

bear bean bag chair....cheesy but cute

"riding the bear" I just now figured out that these animals are stuffed and that the bear evidently has a bullet hole in its head --- before that I was so upset that America nowadays has so many safety laws because of lawsuits and such. I am sure I could legally ride a dead bear too so ha

clay opera - Wouldn't this be a cute spoon holder next to the stove while you are cooking? It would keep the counter clean and looks adorable!

Flip Garden Chair by Howe. (Made to be turned over after a summer's shower).

Glasklart! | Redaktionen | inspiration från IKEA

Official nomination for the bear of the month club: fancy bear. anyone? anyone? Dot Dannenberg? Bueller?

'Beasts of the Northern Wild' by Lynn Skordal. Cut & paste collage...paper on paper.

The Wooly Bear. Julia. Pott.

but hey--the chair looks pretty mesmerized to me! From the Book of Knowledge, 1931

so many good conversations and bottles of wine could happen with this chair...