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this is soooooo true!

Weightloss secret! haha #ecard #funny #fitness

If it smells like bullshit and it looks like bullshit, it's bullshit. Putting sugar on shit doesn't make it a brownie!

Being A Mom to a Boy « Tena's Therapy

Isn't this pretty much every day?


From a womens viewpoint-I hate that our society has gone "casual", there used to be an art, a style, to dressing for work. Hopefully, comments like this and Mad Men can get guys to start dressing up again.


Too much!

Fifty Shades of Grey humor: "Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but twisted, sexy billionaires prefer brunettes" $24.75

Story of my life!

something that says this for the grooms mother. ♥ (i have in my mind that at the table settings for the wedding party & families of the bride & groom.. a long with the traditional "gift" of thanks there should be actual thank you cards. personalized maybe, with quotes like this!)

I tell my husband when I'm mad at him that I don't hate him (because I never stop loving him), I just really don't like him at that moment. #lovequotes #love #marriage #quotes #sayings #wedding

So grateful for my friends...

Yep...dat true

Yep...yep and YEP again!!!!!!!!!

I can SOOOOO see me making that call!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accentuate the positive

JOB HUNTING IN THE 1930s. History repeats