Girl Talk- Limited Edition Print via Etsy. Janet Hill "Girl talk" about menstruation was seen as rougher and for the working class/poor.

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WEBSTA @ janethillstudio - Getting in the mood for Valentine's Day with my 'Love Spells' print.

Instagram Post by Janet Hill (@janethillstudio)

Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel. Day Five. Art Print.

"Twelve Days At The Penny Fontaine Hotel. Day Five: Visit the resident tomcat 'Folklore' and his groupies." by Janet Hill

Janet hill

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Eight: Exercise Is Good For The Body, But 'Make-Believe' Is Good For The Soul. by Janet Hill (Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas, 9 x

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Twelve: by janethillstudio

Thanks Rachael! "Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Twelve: Make The Most Of Whatever The Weather May Bring." by janethillstudio

Janet Hill

Neither Silke Or Hugo Could Suppress The Nagging Feeling That Perhaps This Was Not The Best Time To Go On A Holiday- Limited Edition Print by Janet Hill