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Azza Fahmy - Valentine's Day '12 Collection

Azza Fahmy - Mother's Day '12 Collection

Azza Fahmy Fashion '12 Gold Charm Bracelet

Azza Fahmy Fashion '12 Silver/Gold Charm Bracelet

Azza Fahmy Pharaonic Collection Winged Earrings


Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy Nostalgia Collection Campaign, a retrospective on Designer Azza Fahmy's Milestones- Model in Rumuz Charms Necklace

Azza Fahmy Fashion '12 Charm Filigree Bracelet

Azza Fahmy Pharaonic Collection Campaign

Azza Fahmy

By Azza Fahmi

Azza Fahmy Nubian Houses Collection- Vintage- 1980's

Azza Fahmy Pharaonic Collection Floral and Fruit Pectoral

Azza Fahmy Pharaonic Collection Horus Necklace

Azza Fahmy Design

Azza Fahmy NeoTribal Basket Earrings

“الوصال” “Union” By Azza Fahmy

Morocco | Saharan pendant; Leather, shell and metal | African Museum (Belgium) Collection; acquired 1989

Ornate double sided gilded silver hand of Fatima pendant, Uzbekistan 12 x 7.3 x .5cm