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20 Brilliant DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

Great Containers for Gardening

Mix plants that have attractive flowers with plants grown for their foliage and youll have an extra-appealing container. Here, purple summer snapdragon and golden coleus will look great all summer. This planting grows best in sun or part shade. A. Alternanthera Red Thread -- 2 B. Million bells (Calibrachoa Million Bells Terra Cotta) -- 3 C. Summer snapdragon (Angelonia AngelMist Deep Plum) -- 2 D. Coleus (Solenostemon Blond Bombshell) -- 1

The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden

Height Spill Fill Container Gardening The Simple Formula for a Beautiful Container Garden

How to Plant a Water Container Garden

Create this simple pond-in-a-pot with our step by step instructions:

How to Grow Carrots in Containers - How NOT to plant carrots in a container.

Container Vegetable Gardening 101 - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine. A privacy fence serves as one side of these small container boxes. A yard doesn’t need a lot of room in order to hold boxes filled with delicious produce. Photo by Joseph Kreiss

All Fired Up - 122 Container Gardening Ideas

First, encircle a copper container with a bittersweet wreath (fresh or faux). To contrast with the orange berries, add "Lemon Ball" sedum and the regal hues of purple cabbage. Spice up the center with "Calypso Orange" ornamental peppers and "Cosmic Yellow" cosmos. Crown the look with a halo of Mexican bush sage. Stack pumpkins on the steps for additional color. Provide full sun and moderate water and the display will flourish through the fall

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Simple Trick for more Summer Blooms

Here's a simple trick for fuller blossoms #garden #dan330

20 Fun and Creative Container Gardening Ideas

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