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Everything in this universe points to a designer if the earth wasn't at the angle we are at from the sun we'd die. If the earth was any closer or further we'd die. There is only one explaination and that is God. And man I don't wanna force it down you but HE LOVES YOU. ❤

Wayne A. Brady, born 6/2/1972, is an American actor, singer, comedian & TV personality, known for his work as a regular on the American version of the improvisational comedy TV series, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", & as the host of the daytime talk show, "The Wayne Brady Show". The original host of Fox's "Don't Forget the Lyrics!", he currently hosts the 2009 revival of "Let's Make a Deal". He was born in Columbus, Georgia to West Indian parents, & moved to Orlando, Florida as a young child…




Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, No Proof. Can you tell me why atheists are always trying to disprove god. Disprove god? Really? Did someone prove that he exists?

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The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker

In 2012, America's teenage girls had an average of thirty-one births per one thousand. In Canada, the number was fourteen. In France, six. In Sweden, seven. The difference is that those countries promote contraception without shame. #abortion